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  Logistics service is a key component of our supply chain integrated services. We have established a national logistics network centered on transportation hubs. Currently, we own 29 logistics bases located in 22 principal cities in China, comprising warehouses with a total area of 590,000 square meters, stock ground with a total area of 2.09 million square meters and 89 special railway lines (with an overall length of approximately 75 kilometers). We also have over 270 logistics operation sites and over 300 units of lifting equipment with an aggregate handling capacity of 50 million tones. CRM can build departure point inside clients’ plant area and provide basic logistics service such as warehousing, transportation at the request of our clients.

  Employing the logistics resources mentioned above, we can provide our customers with a variety of logistics services, including warehousing, transportation, loading, unloading, freight forwarding agency services, and custodial services. Besides, we can also provide integrated logistics solutions at the request of our customers.

  CRM has a Logistics Information System managing both logistics resources and business. The system improves CRM’s logistics service and responsiveness by connecting the supply side, demand side and physical resources of logistics and matching the information effectively.

  We have been increasing investment in logistic infrastructures, optimizing the layout of logistic network, and providing our customers with one-stop logistics solutions in order to remain competitive and improve our logistics services in railway materials supply and integrated supply chain service in steel industry.